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lots of songs from album "Brand new eyes" is about josh farro ..don't believe me ?? read this

"I would say that most of those texts, so, had anything to do with the relationship, which we had and we had to fix it," Hayley said. "And it was really hard because we are all friends and pass break-ups and pass any kind of tension as the band seriously affected all the lyrics ... There are many variations that I drew from my experience of feeling as if someone would ever trod on the head .
"I think that the purpose of the album was never not warn of these things, but hopefully encourage people who feel this way,"she said. "Because I felt so alone in that fight that I never wanted to make, especially other young woman, she felt that way, because I know there's a lot of girls with whom I talked to fans who go through the same thing in relationships and families and it's just sick of feeling like a victim. "

hayley's original hair colour is blond

When Hayley was younger her father sold her diary on internet .... when she heard about it she wrote his telefone number on her blog and below it she says "make his life as hell"

when she was 6 years old someone show her picture with woman with red hair since that she want to have red hair ! (when i was 11 someone show me pic of hayley and since that i wanna have red hair ....we have so much in common :D )

you know that band is famous when someoe write book about it ....Paramore biography, unofficial, unconfirmed, however issued, can be bought in British bookshops for £ 4

whonce when was hayley drunk she come home and made photo without t-shirt (and bra) and put it on internet ...few minutes later she delete it ..... but it was too late and the picture you can find even today

hayley made song from band called Set your goals-The Few That Remain (I heard it and is totally amazing !! )

josh and his wife jenna have cat ...her name is Bagheera and she is verry cute

The band's first song together was "Conspiracy"

Jeremy's favourite things: Cars,Music,touring,meeting new people,playing music with bestfriends,family and sleeping

in 2005, Paramore made their first video game appearance with 'Pressure' being featured in the console versions of Sims 2

In 2006, Paramore toured with Simple Plan and Straylight Run.

"RIOT!" sold 44,000 on it's first week in the U.S

hayley has 2 sisters

Paramore's name came from an old friend's maiden name. Paramour means "Secret lover" in French

Jeremy's favourite song to perform live is Misery Business

Taylor's favourite food is burrito
Taylor's favourite color is green
Taylor has never read/seen Harry Potter
Taylor loves to eat sushi

Fan: Do you cook? Taylor: really good at cooking cereal

Hayley would never get a band's name tattoo

they all (hayley jeremmy taylor)
got same tattoes on theyr wrists ..(you should google it i think it's amazing ( here is link )

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