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2. january 2012 at 15:19 | no one |  Nirvana
"Nobody has asked me if i I want to be born, so do not tell me how I live! "

"Better be dead than cool!"

"I'm not like you, but I can pretend ..."

"Peace, love, empathy ..."

"When I was about 12, I wanted to become a rock star, I thought that this is revenge for all those sporty dicks on who girls are just stuck. A long time before I became a star , I realized that it was stupid. "

"I like punk rock. I like girls with mysterious eyes. I like drugs. (But my body and mind will not allow me to take.) I like passion. I feel guilty for that I am a white American male. i like sleep . I mock a small barking dogs and parked cars. I like honesty. I'm not honest. "

"I never wanted to sing. I just wanted to play rhythm guitar, to be hidden somewhere in the back and play."

From seven years, I began to hate all people. Maybe just because I love them too and I feel

with them. I am very moody, erratic, and no man in me is no passion. It is always better to burn out than go out. "

"Although I bought a gun, but instead I choose drugs."

"Everybody thinks of me that I am a emotional wreck. they kept asking me how do i feel. And is not nothing yet. I began to observe and watch how people respond to me. I thought. That I should shave eyebrows. It would probably help. "

"I am a perfect example of uneducated Americans average between twenty and thirty."

"I decided that I regrow dependence. This one can save me before I shot off the cob."

"If I ever kill myself, it will be for some reason, and not because of stupid problems with my stomach."

"I hate myself and I wanna die"
None of you will never understand what I regard
20.2.1967---5.4.1994 .... R.I.P.

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