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2. january 2012 at 10:47 | no one |  Paramore
Writing: Writing is good. not pushing myself to write the ton, but we're talking about it. We have done two songs. We then Jeremy and I wrote a great pop thing ... we want to sell this pop thing .is so funny, all this might be an old song or something like rihanna fun well, maybe it does not work as a Paramore song, but it will be great to put it other artists.

Tourn: I still do want to try and stand out this year, but apparently not on the whole cord ... honestly - we want to be on tour 24 hours 7 days a week so I doubt that I will be able to be home all year ... we will definitely have some of those shows this summer - just can not yet say exactly what we do because we invented it.

MORE WRITING: We had no plans to record In The Mourning from you until you come to a wonderful response, so now that we are somehow ... I think the next album, hopefully, it will be fun ... just do not want to keep writing about those same things about which I wrote last 3 or 4 years.

STEPPING UP: I run only 3 miles on the treadmill - but for me it's not "just", but ... this is low for most people ... but the building, I started practicing every morning Pure Barre. ladys, you should try it. Pure Barre is like ballet exercises abdominal workout / fitness and yoga.

MUSIC: Oh yeah! I listen more now we are in the crowd. I listened a long time ... yeah, I have a new Get Up Kids and the new Cruel Hand ... if you like old rock or country like Johnny Cash or Elvis or any of it, try to Wanda Jackson.

PRODUCTS: BOY clothes someday ... but not now ... and oh yeah! Paramore will IS (STILL) and band shirt. after the SA tour ... there are a couple of new designs for the SA tour

MORE WRITING: BNE can upload the intro, as Josh wrote the main guitar part ... I know this is stupid: / But it's true ... yeah, but we want to write more inter and things like that. Taylor writes this stuff really well too ... I do not care about that one, because it moves forward and I know that new things are great ...

Negativity: I was disappointed in some people hate, but then I realized how stupid it is that I think about it ...

TATTOOS: always approved BOY (Beware Of You) tattoo! ... Really, really want to quote from Charlie Chaplin ... "I am at peace with God. My conflict is with Man "


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