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5. january 2012 at 14:12 | no one |  green day
"A guy behind me got up and asked: 'What's Punk?'.
I kicked into bin and said: 'This is a punk.'
So he kicked into the dustbin and also said: 'That's punk?
'And I said,' No that's trendy! '"

"In fact I have less friends now than I've always had."

"I hate celebrities. I really hate them!"

"Yeah. Fuck me! I wish all of you could fuck me !"

"There is nothing wrong about being the one who loses depends on how good the that you are. "

"I have bad taste. I'm not good-looking guy."

"I'm not going to say something inspiring, simply going to say hell a lot of cursing!"

"Punk rock is dead ...... and I fuckin killed him ."

"School is practice for the future, and practice makes perfect people, and nobody perfect, so why do practice? "

"OK, you know, I looked at myself in the morning and yes, yes I - I am GOD."

"Sometimes I feel as an Englishman, who plays an American, who plays the Englishman "

"Do you have a problem? I have a gun. I'll shoot you. No more problem."


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