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5. january 2012 at 13:56 | no one |  Good Charlotte
"One egg, one sperm, two children!"

"Uh ... I like dogs ... .. I have a dog named Cash."

"I'm going to be Benjamin, it sounds more more mature."

"Black nail polish is not combined with testosterone."

"I have a confession: I love petting. It's fun and innocent. Moreover, it can not get pregnant"

"Once we called Joel and presented as a girl. He was excited about the whole of it - the girls did not call him, never."

"Call me a mama's boy, I do not care"

Person: "Many people have this tattoo * show the spider net on his elbow * What does it mean?"
Benji: " usually leave it tattooed, those who just killed someone."
Person: "Benji! You killed someone?"
Benji: (laughs and whispers) "Well, I had not to say that. No, I'm just kidding. I did not kill anyone. It is a tradition to have this tattoo."

"If you're not pregnant, I want to go home and correct it."



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