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30. december 2011 at 17:45 | no one
i just think that i'll will write here about's just now idea so i'll do you see cuz this image is such an "emo" i'm sure you got it that i won't write about any pop shits and absolutely noany justin bieber or any disney shits..there are manny people who are asking me ...why ? why? why ? why am i listening this music...when did i decide to be "metal" girl ...and am i really girl ? cuz they don't know manny girlsh who would listen it...BUT I KNOW MANNY MANNY GIRLS WHO that's theyr problem not mine...well but happened when i was ..hmm...11 ? i guess cuz it wasn't like "ou hey this is cool i will listen this" it come somehow ...naturally...and it starts manny diferent ways...well and like i'm talking about "ways"...yeah one of my fav bands are the first look or listen i didn't like them was teenagers what i heard like first song and i was like "ouu is that man crazy ? why he is doing it ? he is danceing like idiot and he really look like he run from hospital" ...yeah tahat was mine dark past...but i was only 9 so i didn't kew what is good...but i got it somehow..i found something special in gerard's singing some freedeom originalyty and absolutely non careing of haters and liveing for lovers cautch me so hard and now i can't imagine day without thinking of mcr ,singing theyr songs and talking with other killjoys...theyre reall humans who is same weirds as me and they were called faggots and worse just because of listening mcr ...when we're together ... you must understand that feelin..i can't describe it ...worlds like amazing awesome and georgerous aren't enaugh....i read somewhere this "They call mcr emo,but the told me how to really smile" :) i'll be continuing later...(by all these writeing my dog was lieing on my hand :D)

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